Standing is one of the most important positions to have a complete understanding of. Here's a little taster of one of the 6 Chapters covered in methodMOTO 101 Standing module.
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101 be the best rider you can be

methodMOTO 101 is an online learning platform that you can watch whenever and where ever you are.
The easy to follow video tutorials have been created by Ben Townley a world champ and coach consisting of 10 Modules and 56 Chapters.
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The only opportunity to pass the field in one go. Ready to learn how to hole shot?

Standing Position

The most important position to have a complete understanding of. 

Seated Position

Covering a range of areas, from starts, ruts, flat corners and berms - the foundation for all.


Maximising the uphill is easier said than done. Have you got it sorted?


Downhills require confidence to really execute them to your potential. 


Take your skills to the next level and master the art of braking with Ben Townley's methods.


One of the really fun parts of riding a dirt bike. Learn the entire process and gain confidence.


Executing rut's can be very challenging but once you have completed this module you will be railing ruts!

Flat Corners

Good technique is vital to flow through flat corners. The methods in this module will help you achieve it.


Berms are fun and corners are generally higher speed, ready to learn the correct methods

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How does methodMOTO 101 online coaching work?

Ultimate learning
Ben Townley's ultimate guide to mastering a dirt bike, methodMOTO 101 is all about learning the technical how and why to become the best rider your can be.
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methodmoto 101
Designed for all ages, stages and abilities  and has chapters covering: Starts , Standing and Seated Position, Uphill, Downhill, Braking, Jumping, Ruts, Flat Corners and Berms
Videos are detailed with animation to make it easy to follow.
Watch. Learn.
 All content is delivered in easy to follow videos which consists of 10 modules broken down into 56 chapters.
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Riding a dirt bike is a physically demanding and high-adrenaline sport. Learning the correct techniques to confidently and safely ride a dirt bike is vital.
By learning Ben Townley's methods riders can stay safe while also improving at the appropriate pace. methodMOTO is a great learning tool for everyone.
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What other methodMOTO riders say

I would highly recommend Ben Townley as a coach due to his professionalism and performance. In a short time, he has seen so much in the world of racing and motorcycling - very few have experienced racing at that level and achieved what he has achieved. He has worked with the best teams and coaching staff, giving him the very best experience and knowledge that he can customise and pass on to others. I personally believe Ben’s experience is massively over-looked and taken for granted and I would highly recommend tapping into this online coaching as best as you can.

We’ve been BT training 3 years now. Original intentions were to increase safety and speed with a better skill base as we moved to the big track.
From the first session Jack has loved the training. Ben’s delivery of his technical knowledge around coaching is impressive. The message is clear and positive and highly focused on accuracy. Away from training the continued mentoring is over and above what is expected but always appreciated.
Jack’s skill level and confidence have grown well beyond those original intentions. The improvement is huge.

I have travelled the world riding and I have been racing domestically for the last 2 years and finished 3rd in 2020 and 2nd in the 2021 MX2 category. I have been working with Ben for over 5 years now. He has been a huge part of my growth as a rider technically and mentally helping with everything right down to my off bike training and weekly schedules.  He is one of the best coaches in the world and we are lucky to have him here in New Zealand.


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