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Meet our Coach

Ben Townley

Ben Townley is a former professional motocross and supercross racer originating from Taupo, New Zealand.
BT, as he is known, has competed globally since the age of 8 years old. Along the way he became 2004 MX2 World Champion compiling 13 World Championship MX1 and MX2 round victories and also became 2007 USA 250 Supercross Champion along with 6 USA 250 MX Championship round victories to his name.

During his 16 years as a pro Ben raced in every corner of the globe and not only won major championships but also raced many national championships in different countries and was able to see the entire spectrum of what dirt bikes offer the world, so he has a great understanding of the diversity that riders will encounter.
Since retiring in 2016 Ben has been coaching dirt bike riders from New Zealand and around the world and helping riders develop through improving their techniques using his methods to help them achieve their goals. This has allowed him to develop his method for dirt bike coaching and he has continued to develop those techniques.

Ben’s love of dirt bike riding has been passed onto his kids Levi, Jaggar and Dot. They are very passionate about the sport and Ben enjoys sharing and developing his methods with them. But most importantly he loves seeing them have the same enjoyment and thrill that he has experienced from dirt bikes.

What our community say about us

I would highly recommend Ben Townley as a coach due to his professionalism and performance. In a short time, he has seen so much in the world of racing and motorcycling - very few have experienced racing at that level and achieved what he has achieved. He has worked with the best teams and coaching staff, giving him the very best experience and knowledge that he can customise and pass on to others. I personally believe Ben’s experience is massively over-looked and taken for granted and I would highly recommend tapping into this online coaching as best as you can.
— Josh Coppins
I have travelled the world riding and I have been racing domestically for the last 2 years and finished 3rd in 2020 and 2nd in the 2021 MX2 category. I have been working with Ben for over 5 years now. He has been a huge part of my growth as a rider technically and mentally helping with everything right down to my off bike training and weekly schedules. He is one of the best coaches in the world and we are lucky to have him here in New Zealand.
— James Scott
We’ve been BT training 3 years now. Original intentions were to increase safety and speed with a better skill base as we moved to the big track. From the first session Jack has loved the training. Ben’s delivery of his technical knowledge around coaching is impressive. The message is clear and positive and highly focused on accuracy. Away from training the continued mentoring is over and above what is expected but always appreciated. Jack's skill level and confidence have grown well beyond those original intentions. The improvement is huge.
— Jason Ellingham

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