Virtual 101 Coaching

Get the best out of your riding. Film yourself on where you want to improve, upload the video for Ben to review.

The virtual methodMOTO coaching works the following way:

The program allows you to get the personalised help you may need from anywhere in the world. You may have completed the methodMOTO 101 package but feel you want some extra personalized coaching from Ben.

  • Upload footage up to 1 minute of riding to our website.
  • Video must be filmed in landscape
  • Video must be focused on one particular module that you want to work on eg Starts, Standing or Jumping.
  • Video must be close enough to see rider
  • Videos are best side on to the angle

Ben will review the video within in 2 business days and provide you with feedback.

Look out for an email notification when Ben has finished reviewing your video.

Please note you must have purchased the methodMOTO 101 Package to be able to utilise the Virtual Coaching.

Please email to get started. 
Example of Virtual Coaching